I ran across some advice fom a Canadian priest named Father Eli Gurkow that made me wonder, again, what the point of letting religious advisors into one’s life is.

The question of celebrating Chanukah and Christmas was posed to the good pastor by a woman who had both Christian and Jewish relatives. The ever-wise shepherd helpfully told her:

In answer to your question, the correct thing for you to tell your mother is: “Thank you very much for thinking of us during this family time, we will gladly participate in the Christmas celebration, but please understand that we will not be coming to the chanukah celebration. That would be contrary to the values and religion in which we are trying to conduct our lives and raise our daughter. Then send your parents and your sister nice cards and gifts that have nothing to do with chanukah and everything to do with family and love.”

I wonder if people in Canada are aware of this priest’s anti-semitic and anti-family advice? Perhaps someone should alert his superiors.

Here’s the link to Father Gurkow’s advice page: What is the proper way to handle an invitation to a “family” Chanukah party?

And here’s the link to Father Gurkow’s bio page: Father Eli Gurkow


2 Responses to “Priest says that Chanukah is contrary to “values and religion” in raising children”

  1. Francesca Says:

    It’s not clear that this is satire, so I’m just going to ask: Doesn’t this just mirror the Jewish attitude towards Christmas? Honestly, what’s the big deal here?

  2. gncarlo Says:

    WTF is this some kind of kike sarcasm? jezekiah refers to “Canadian priest” named Father Eli Gurkow. Click on the “Father Gurkow” link and you get Rabbi Gurkow. I guess it’s one of those inside jokes where all the Circumsized smirk at we mere mortals. I’m done with this blog.

    Response from jezekiah:

    Did you get a funnybonectomy?

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