How much of AIG’s bailout/handout is financing Israeli mortgages in Jerusalem & the West Bank?

March 6, 2009

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As of March 4, 2009, the American taxpayer has bailed out American International Group (AIG) to the tune of $163 billion (assuming that the Federal Reserve and the Federal gubmint are to be believed on anything anymore).

On March 3, 2009, this exchange took place in the august and hallowed halls of what used to be known as the Congress of a Constitutional Republic:

With One Word, Bernanke Reveals Who Actually Runs the Country:

Senator Sanders: “Will you tell the American people to whom you lent $2.2 trillion of their dollars?”

Ben Bernanke: “No.”

One can only surmise Bernanke’s reasoning. He claims he doesn’t want to spook the banks and the markets or some such claptrap. I have another possible reason: Bernanke, being an Orthodox Jew, doesn’t want the American public to get any inkling of Israel’s share of the various bailouts.

AIG owns a company in Israel called Ezer Mortgage Insurance (EMI). EMI will insure/finance up to 95% of a private Israeli mortgage. Below is EMI’s nifty ad gizmo with some of the relevant text copy underneath the link. I’ve adjusted the figures to reflect current money values. Please alert me if you spot any problems with the math. (Warning – very annoying music):

It’s so simple to purchase a house in Israel when EMI (a member of AIG, American International Group) makes up to 95% financing possible!

EMI sets the premium as a function of the LTV (Loan To Value ratio) and the term of the loan. As a rule of thumb – for every $100,000 of a loan taken by a borrower, the borrower pays an additional $25 a month.

For example:

David Silberstein is an affluent Jew living in Florida, with a strong affiliation to the Jewish state; his children are even considering immigrating to Israel and serving in the Israel Defense Force when they tun 18. Consequently, David is keen on buying an apartment in Israel to strengthen his ties with the Land and to enable his children to live comfortably while in Israel. David has found a property that he likes carrying a price tag of $176,000. While David has sufficient equity to buy the apartment, he has chosen to use EMI’s financial instrument (credit insurance)!


Because it’s a smart choice: this way, he has money left over for additional investments and for spreading the risk! David knows that with EMI’s solution, he can buy an apartment without using up all his equity and continue to enjoy the standard of living to which he is accustomed. David and his wife have decided to invest start-up capital in the amount of 10% of the value of the apartment. Accordingly, the terms of the mortgage extended to them by the mortgage bank is as follows:

Property value: NIS 740,640
Property value in $: 176,070
Total loan NIS: 666,576
Total loan in $: 158,463
Total start-up capital NIS: 74,064
Total start-up capital in $: 17,607
LTV (Loan to Value ratio): 90%
Monthly payment including EMI premium: NIS 3,857
Monthly payment including EMI premium in $: 916.92
EMI premium out of total monthly payment: NIS 152
EMI premium out of total monthly payment in $: 36
Loan term of 25 years. 4.5% fixed interest rate

*$1 = NIS 4.21 as of 03/06/09

America, doesn’t it give you the warm fuzzies to know that while our economy is tanking, Israelis and Jews making aliyah to Israel will still be able to “enjoy the standard of living to which they are accustomed”?

For a little more insight into how the Israeli mortgage market works, see these two links:

A Guide to the Perplexed – An Introduction to Israeli Mortgages

From the first link:


For those who are building a home in Israel while paying a mortgage elsewhere, or alternatively while paying rent, most mortgage banks offer graces on the loans. Two types of graces exist in Israel – partial and full. Under the terms of a partial grace, only interest must be repaid during the grace period. Under the terms of a full grace, no payment is made during the grace period and any interest that should have been paid is added to the loan balance and is paid back as part of the loan once the grace period ends. Graces are not offered on the zakaut loans and some banks do limit graces to certain loan types.”

Question: Gee whiz, why don’t Americans get these ‘grace’ periods on their mortgages?

Answer: Because we need to give our last drop of blood to support and subsidize the holy, sacred Israeli mortgage market.


38 Responses to “How much of AIG’s bailout/handout is financing Israeli mortgages in Jerusalem & the West Bank?”

  1. Dave Says:

    This will not change unless we do something about it. People are shit scared of the Jews and our politicians for the most part are all bought off.
    Revolution anyone!!!

    • na Says:

      No one is scared of the jews. Only the cowards that run the governments of the world. Why would anyone be afraid of callous cowards.

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  3. Matthew Says:

    The (totally privately owned)Federal Reserve is at war with the American people, but is being protected by the American Government, not excluding the Obama Administration. Some people naively thought Obama was for the people. Of course this isn’t true. The Government is a criminal enterprise and Ben Bernanke is one of the Jewish Dons. He won’t reveal who he gave the $2.2 trillion to, because, like Madoff’s stolen hundred billion, most of it is in Israel or has been given to Israel’s major financial contributors.

    Its no secret America is on the verge of some kind of revolution, Socialism? Fascism? Under the circumstances, a revolution will almost certainly not turn out well for the American people. A highly manipulable Mass of angry people is no substitute for intelligent leadership. Americans have already rejected the best like Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich. That leaves trash, incompetents, people easily out-maneuvered by the Zionists leadership.

    I’m not saying there is no hope. I am asking: Why is Bernanke not in jail? Why is the Fed still in business? Where exactly is the $2.2 trillion? Why are we still hostage to Israel?

  4. Annie Oakley Says:

    Wow. This is a damning find. The tax payout so far to AIG is about $182 billion. I can’t even express how angry I am at the way our government has sold us out.

  5. ganselmi Says:

    AIG is a massive company with subsidiaries around the globe. You haven’t uncovered some sinister connection – just the name of AIG’s Israeli subsidiary (ooh scary!).

    I looked at your other posts, and they all suggest you are an antisemite and a holocaust denier, which discredits you even further.

    From jezekiah:

    AIG is a large piratical concern that has ripped many people off. It made its bone on Hank Greenberg’s connections with Henry Kissinger, another war criminal that should be in jail and/or dead for being a mass murderer.

    I looked at your blog. I can see why the only argument that you would have is to call people names rather than to engage them.

    Leo Strauss? For shame. I’m sure you think Zionism is just a little nationalistic fun, eh?

    • Cincinattus Says:

      Typical of your ilk: Cry anti-semitism and launch the ad hominem attacks when anyone presents any sort of valid criticism of things Jewish or pertaining to Israel.

      Allow me to let you in on a little secret. More people are on to you lot now and the old tactic of crying antisemitism when you don’t get your way is hackneyed and has lost credibility with anyone with a logical mind.

      You will be called into account for your actions and crimes against the people and the piper approaches your door. Better get your purse out and prepare to pay him.

    • Greg Bacon Says:

      I looked at your other posts, and they all suggest you are an antisemite and a holocaust denier, which discredits you even further.

      And to that I say “HORSESHIT.” You can make grown men on Capitol Hill wet their britches by just threatening to call them “anti-Semitic” but that HORSESHIT doesn’t work in the real world.

      Thanks to the Internet, people around the world are catching on to Zionists and their rapacious schemes to defraud the world to support that bastard apartheid state of Israel.

      Of all that mortgage backed security BS that was peddled to the USA, which is now clogging up and destroying our financial system, NONE of it was peddled to or in Israel.

      In 2007, 1.3 million American families lost their homes.

      In 2008, that number jumped to 2.5 million.

      In 2009, it’s expected to top 3 million.

      While we’re losing our homes in the USA, Israel is living high on the hog, with NO homes there being lost to Wall Street gangsters.

      Why is that?

      Is it because Israel has been sucking money out of the USA, bleeding us dry and leaving us for dead, just like they did the crew of the USS LIberty?

      Oops, I forgot, asking questions like that is “anti-Semitic.”


  6. Steve Says:

    Is anyone EVER permitted to disapprove of Israeli dealings, intrigue, massacres and white collar criminal behavior? Is the whole world so much inferior to zionists that anyone who doesn’t convert to Judaism should be wiped out (financially, murderously or otherwise?)

    Wow! An antisemite AND and a holocaust denier!!! (You must be doing something right if you can get a non-Jewish wannabe Khazarian Romanian to get this angry! It’s ok Jezekiah- they’re not actually Jews anyway- they’re zionists and give real Jews a bad name! (The few that truly remain that is. But you know this.) ganselmi’s got no room to talk if he supports the massacre of the real owners of that land- Palestine! That’s, in truth, about as antisemitic as one can get!!!

    I heard a phrase, of late, that goes something like this: “It used to be that an ‘antisemite’ was something you called someone who hates “Jews,” nowadays, it’s something you’re called when “Jews” hate you!” Since the real remaining Semitic people involved here are the Palestinians- I would think that if you support the Palestinians getting their land back from people who want to be Jews but can’t (because you can’t become a Jew- you have to be born one! I can’t become Indian unless I was born one- get it?) it’s impossible to be more supportive of Semitic people.

    These ashkenazi/khazarians (Romanian descendants) are trying to take a land that isn’t theirs under the pretense that someone, in their bloodline, “converted” to Judaism in, or around, the 8th century?

    Why does the US have to pay for these genocidal zionist’s $trillions business losses and support their attempts at global domination? Again, since when did Romanians become God’s chosen people? And, even then, is there some reason why you or I can’t live on this planet as equals? Why do these zionists think of the rest of us as their slaves?

    Yea, I’m angry! If you aren’t you’re deluded! And, yea, I’m tired of my money supporting these bankster Rothschild/Rockefeller parasites. If it wears a suit and lives on wall st. then jail it (or worse!) I don’t care what “religion” they think they belong to by proxy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just asking… 😉

    • jezekiah Says:

      Steve said: “is there some reason why you or I can’t live on this planet as equals?”

      To any religious, racial or cultural supremacist, be they Christian/Jewish/Muslim/White/Asian/etc., there are no equals. There are only members of “their” club and then there are the rest of us: the unsaved, the infidels, the hoi-polloi, the unclean.

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Steve.


  7. ganselmi Says:

    I was born and raised in Iran. My grandparents are practicing Muslims and my parents are secular Muslims. Nevertheless, I support Israel’s right to live in peace and security. No, I don’t approve all of Israel’s actions — that would be irrational. But it’s fair to say that Israel should be held to the same standard as all other nations.

    If you were willing to do that, you’d recognize just how valuable Israel as the only real democracy in the Middle East. Unfortunately, critics of Israel always single it out for blame and condemnation for violations that are mild compared to what so many other, truly monstrous regimes (like the Islamic Republic) do every day.

    I came to support Israel as a free man with a free mind — and I’m proud of that.

    From jezekiah:

    I have a number of Iranian friends. Socially, I’m one degree of separation from Khatami, if that makes any difference.

    Israel is far from being a democracy. It’s a semi-theocratic military state.

    As for criticism of Israel: Israel receives MUCH aid from the US in many forms. As such, it deserves every ounce of criticism it gets from Americans like me that are sick of Israel’s crimes and racist excesses while Israel it touted as a ‘democracy’. Were Iran to receive American aid as Israel does, I’d also criticize Iran.

    The only people in the world that think there’s a difference between Israel and America are Americans. Even Israelis think we’re the same country and many elite Israelis treat the US as their own private country club, armory and larder.

    Enough, imo.

  8. ganselmi Says:

    Oh also, it sounds like you didn’t really read my post about Leo Strauss. If you had, you’d see that I was trying to use Strauss’s natural right philosophy to condemn those who use multiculturalism/cultural relativism to support the actions of regimes like the Islamic Republic. What does that have to do with Zionism?

    From jezekiah:

    Strauss was yet another self-contradicting and opportunistic ‘philosopher’ that spoke a good game but in the end was just another proponent of the Elite ruling over lesser beings. A large part of the reason that Neofascists like Wolfowitz, Perle and Ledeen are such adherents of his pseudo-philosophy is that Strauss’s conclusions make for a good rationale when invading Arab countries.

    What has Strauss to do with Zionism? He was a follower of Jabotinsky. As such, it puts Strauss in the same camp as Begin, Netanyahu and every other political Zionist fascist of the past 100 years.

  9. Tom Lowe Says:

    History repeats itself and the pressure is building again.

  10. ganselmi Says:

    Wow, clearly you are not interested in “engaging” — otherwise you would publish my comments: I didn’t insult you or use any foul language like friend Steve did towards me!

    From jezekiah:

    I have other obligations that keep me from always being able to respond quickly. Please show some patience.

  11. jvd-s Says:

    ALL of the “investment” banks that went bust were owned by jews. AIG was the property of Maurice “Hank” Greenberg,a jew. $2 trillion went missing from the US Pentagon when a jew, Rabbi Dov Zakhiem was the bush appointed comptroller. Zakhiem marked F16 and other modern military as surplus in order to basically give it to israel.The “architect” of the criminal war on Iraq was Paul Wolfowitz, a jew. The planner of the basic plan for the criminal war on Iraq was Richard Perle, a jew. israeli intelligence through arab informants/agents promoted and aided in the planning of the 9/11/01 WTC attack. The Lebanese arrested one of these israeli arab informants a few weeks ago saying that he had been an israeli agent for 25 years and that he is the cousin of one of the 19 9/11 hijackers, giving him direct access to Al Qaeda and those planning terrorist activity,ie:9/11.

    israel is a criminal country which has conducted numerous acts of war against the people of America.America should cease ALL support of israel. The Fed, which is owned primarily by jews, should be nationalized and bernanke and his jew fellows should be forced under color of law to divulge who this American money was “loaned” to.

    ALL jews have a deep, abiding affection for israel; a criminal country which has done absolutely nothing in the making,building and retaining of jew fortunes. “jew” makes its money off, basically, white people (there are about 160-180 million whites in America so that is where the source of “jew” money is. That doesn’t say that “jew does not ripoff blacks, et al.; “jew” ripsoff ALL others, even other “jew”, ie:Madoff (Bless him).

    • jezekiah Says:

      jvd-s said: “ALL jews have a deep, abiding affection for israel”

      This is untrue. I know many Jews that have no use for Israel. My father’s one. By Jewish law, I’m not a Jew as my mother’s not Jewish.

      Please be careful of these blanket, general statements. The goal is always to pursue truth and to break the Empire of Lies. Engaging in the blanket statements of things like, “all jews have a deep, abiding affection for israel”, “all Blacks are trying to get on welfare”, “all White people want to kill all Blacks”, “all Asians are good at math” is no way to pursue truth.

  12. greg Says:

    Let’s get the facts clear from the start. I am a racist. I don’t like English gits, especially northerners. I don’t like the Arabs and I certainly don’t like the Jews. I don’t like the French and I don’t like the Serbs and that’s just for starters.

    Racism is not a minority sport. Currently I live and work in an Arab country. About 20 years ago Palestinians living here were beaten, raped, tortured, murdered and kicked out of this Muslim state.
    (,%20Palestinians%20in%20Kuwait,%20Terror%20and%20Ethnic%20Cleansing,%20By%20Hassan%20A%20El-Najjar.htm). Even today, many Palestinians who live here carry Canadian passports; the local lads stone buses carrying foreign workers and maids jump from tall building because of the way they are treated.

    I listen to BBC Radio4 for an independent assessment of world news. I also know that the BBC is an institutionally racist organisation who refused to carry the Gaza appeal ( How many senior BBC managers are Muslim?

    So before complaining about the atrocities and war crimes that Israel perpetrated in Palestine, remember that they are not alone…….

    A root cause of the problem is that the numbers of minority groups in a state may increase to become a majority, and this causes for extreme measures, aka the Arabs in Israel and Palestinians in Kuwait.

    In order to resolve the Israel-Palestine issue, the West will have to impose a solution. To bring this about the Arab states could exert significant influence on the Western nations by refusing to sell them oil. Instead the Arabs are in disarray, with no consensus of views and opinions.

    Like school kids fighting on the playground – witless and clueless, the populations of these countries have with no inkling of the disaster that awaits them. The smart money is on the melt-water from mountains disappearing far more rapidly than we previously expected. ( In 50 years time it is less likely that the Middle East will be habitable than it is for Bernie Madoff to pay for the building of mosques in Pakistan.

    Arab oil is a major contributor to the anthropomorphic climate change that will bring an end to these bigoted, racist, war mongering Middle Eastern states – good riddance.

    • jezekiah Says:

      greg said: “Let’s get the facts clear from the start. I am a racist. ”

      You win the Honesty in Posting of the Day award. Very educational post. Thanks.

  13. abubaqar Says:

    as a whole the muslims mean well for humanity, the christians wish to enslave it and the jews feel they wish to be masters of it as the so called chosen people, which is a fallacy!

    the bankers are jewish, the creditors are big jewish companys who then default and the gentiles pick up the pieces. jews rob gentiles and the money ends up in israel in every way. they have a good racket going on in the world an dthe world is waking up to that and someday soon they will pay a very heavy price for this.
    jews are in high govt positions in the western world and they agents, and then they want to solve the problems they created by causing wars and strife in the world.
    its foolish to believe in them or they warped sense of justice and they world is suffering from this, is any wonder then that the prophets of old warned the human race about them in the bible: book of thessalonians BE FURTHER ADMONISHED, THE JEWS WALK CONTRARY TO GOD AND TO ALL MEN!

    i want some jew to write her that this is not the case bearing history in mind plus the present!

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  15. […] Read here about AIG writing mortagages in Israel […]

  16. BIG EFFER Says:

    Ah yes, tell the truth and you’re labeled an “anti-semite”. These days that means you’re doing something right. Basically, Israel is the not-so-secret criminal hideout for THE BIG JEWS, not to mention any other jew that finds himself in legal hot water anywhere in the world. If he can make it to Israel, he’s home free! He certainly won’t be extradited anywhere to pay for whatever scam or crime he’s committed. Then again, when you commit a crime with the goyim as a victim, it really isn’t a crime. Jewish “law” states this repeatedly throughout the Talmud and other hypocritical canons of the jewish order. Basically, their thought process seems to be that they should be allowed to do whatever they want, and if you don’t like it, there’s something wrong with you. That’s what happens when you build a dense, bizarre, arcane religion that when stripped down is nothing more than self-worship and rationalizations for one’s own wrongdoings.

    If they’re calling you an anti-semite, you must be doing something right. These people on the one hand seem incapable of seeing or realizing or even admitting when they are wrong, doing something wrong. As H.G. Wells famously put it: “A careful study of anti-semitism prejudice and accusations might be of great value to many jews, who do not adequately realize the irritations they inflict.” (November 11, 1933)

    Then on the other hand, maybe they’re all being disingenuous and know exactly what they’re doing. I don’t think these hypocrites realize how many people are waking up to what’s been going on for decades. It’s amazing how the financial chicanery has allowed me to point out to the uninitiated the fact that these conniving bastards are the main force behind the immigration disaster in the U.S., Europe, Australia, the entire West. They really are the planet’s biggest haters, the World Champs of racism.

  17. bebe Says:

    Big Effer: True, true, true! Yours for 911 Truth

  18. George Says:

    Ganselmi, get out, you jew, we can tell you are licking your lips with our money, go back to your own country, oh wait, it’s not yours, thats right, you stole it from palestine after the war, spoils of war hey. You call us anti semites, holocaust deniers, perhaps you are the one that is anti semetic, I know you people hate palestinians and you people spit on christians and muslims alike in your stolen land. The world will not stand for this, Your american weapons can only slaughter the blood of the innocent for so long. Your people have already let america to it’s downfall. Oh did you know that the groung penetrating radar was used at the mass grave sites and it was found that the earth was not even disturbed. Your people are great decievers, thats why byzantine and romans had special rules governing what jews could do because your people can’t help but be evil. I’m not antisemetic because I love palestinians, they rock. Cya, enjoy your raping of america some more.

    • ganselmi Says:

      Didn’t you read previous comments George? I’m an Iranian-born Muslim. Not everyone who supports Israel, recognizes the Shoah, or remains convinced that fluoride in water is mostly harmless is Jewish.

  19. escapefromobamastan Says:

    I can’t wait until the majority of american citizens figures out that the government is zionist occupied. The many lynching the few. What a fine sight that will be.

  20. peter schnapp Says:

    You know, I really tip my hat to all you folks with the brains and balls to tell it like it is. Even when you tilt against windmills like the rampant arrogance and stupidity of the Lemmings from the United States of Israel.
    Sadly though, I’m afraid it’s all for naught. The fools take such arrogant joy in their herd mentality, I do believe you could bring the Christ himself to the podium and have him relate in detail how he was framed and murdered by the Jews and the pathetic mutts would demmand he be re-nailed on to the stake for insulting and humiliating the Jews.

  21. peter schnapp Says:

    “I looked at your other posts, and they all suggest you are an antisemite and a holocaust denier, which discredits you even further.”

    ROFLMAO gans, why would knowing the truth and not being afraid to voice it be a bad thing??
    Are you one of those parasitic crypto Zionists we read about?
    I am PROUD to say I am ANTI-Israel!! get it? I am PROUD to say I DO NOT believe 6 million Jews were killed, gassed or OTHERWISE. I am PROUD to say all those who lie down and play dead to the Khazars are traitors to our country!
    I am proud to believe that the only holocaust committed during the Zionist caused 2nd world war was the one perpetrated against the GERMANS in DRESDEN or the Jewish run murder of 10,000,000 Ukrainians! Will the sky fall on my head for not believing what others TELL me happened? I wasn’t alive then, should I perpetuate the fable or give false witness for it if I wasn’t there? Considering the fact that the Jewish Sergeant Bernard Clark has admitted torturing Hoess’ confession, Australian research teams have searched, (with ground penetrating radar), ANOTHER well documented site where reliable witnesses testified that 750,000 Jews were killed and buried in a mass grave found VIRGIN SOIL, undisturbed. When the story changed to well, they burned them and buried the ashes, core samples taken showed NO ASH. So, do we open a NEW debate over this holocaust, an OBJECTIVE open forum and allow you to prove it to the new generation you are holding hostage with it, or do we continue to allow you to imprison innocent academics whos only crime was to QUESTION it?? EEEW!! HOLOCAUST DENIER! Big deal, I don’t believe in Jack and the bean stalk either…Wanna bring forth CONCRETE PROOF, or have your Kangaroo courts throw me in prison for my thought crime?
    As big a bunch of fools as there are treading upon the earth, even they are slowly getting tired of the ranting of EWWWW, HOLOCAUST DENIER! Habeas Corpus bud!

  22. philiptravers Says:

    I think I would rather finish David Irving’s Hitler’s War than read these remarks.After all, if Americans cannot find a way to make Bernanke state the truth about AIG as mortgages in Israel then,there is something very smart about him and terrifying.How he does it I dont know.Perhaps he isn’t Romanian or something!? Rothschild’s developed organic growing of vegies,so it might be that.He doesn’t eat crap.Only lets it happen.

  23. Victor Mace Says:

    Israeli’s are not a semetic people, so criticising them can not be an anti semetic act. The present day israeli’s came from all over europe and the world and were mostly converts to judaism. They have absolutely no right to be in israel or to take the lands of the Palistinians.What they do have a right to, is to accept the punishments that the Arab nations bestow on them, annilhation, destruction, and revenge !!!! They have had it coming for a very long time and I dont think that any other nation, country, grouping or organisation have ever been allowed to get away with so much callous disregard for humanity, they seem to abhorr it for some reason except of course as they like to state their own version of what they alledge to be humanity, which usually means the murder of innocent civilians on a grand scale.From a retrospective point of view the imaginary things of the past that the claim happened they probably deserved !!! although many more people are begining to question the past in connection with present day events in a bid to solve this poisinous equation of israel and imported haters of the world.

  24. ganselmi Says:

    March 7, 2009 at 7:11 am
    “I looked at your other posts, and they all suggest you are an antisemite and a holocaust denier, which discredits you even further.”


    C’mon! You should do better than that. Now where the $2.2 trillion went?

  25. Neil Says:

    Rise up against them. Seriously, we need a revolution a Guillotine and a restructuring of the world. WITHOUT ANY BANKS.

  26. David Says:

    Bernanke is a liar ,a useless eater and a moron.
    everything he has said was a lie
    everything he has done has dug the knife deeper into America
    The Central banks of USA and Britain are about to crack up.
    when this happens all Govt Guarantees are over all of them.
    no welfare ,no unemployment insurance,no 401k or bank account guarantee,no medicaid. etc…
    this will happen before 2010 arrives.
    the traitors are busy ,busy,busy printing and borrowing making sure Americans go bust.this is so that it happens.Yes they want it to happen.Why?
    because they have stolen your public funds to thew tune of there is nothing left.instead of them getting the blame for it they will blame the economy.
    you have been had, The American people are so drugged up with fluoride legal and illegal drugs they cant even tell what day it is much less understand what is happening to them.
    they have your number and you don’t even know it.
    the sickest population in the world lost on their own arrogance and selfishness.

  27. ShwaggyD Says:

    Interesting how the article hints at the blatant double standard in lending practices that Jews use with other Jews compared to us ‘Goy’. Simple interest for Jews that add up to little extra money while non Jews are subject to compounded interest at such high rates that one ends up paying 3-4 times the houses cost when they finally get it ‘paid off’. This is typical Jewish double values, one set of rules for ‘God’s Chosen’ and one for the ‘subhuman Goy’ that Zionists look down upon.

  28. Brian Radford Says:

    Hi. I’ve been butting heads with Winston Delgado at his Buddha blog. That bloke will not engage in the conversation without name calling. I know you have the same problem. Please read my recent webposts to his, so maybe WE can have a chat? Regards, B

  29. Brian Radford Says:

    By the way, he thinks I am you. He has it in his small, simple brain that I am posting form wherever you are posting because of some timestamp. I am in Australia. He’s plain weird, and will not engage…. Thats what they all do, isnt it?

  30. nearlynormalized Says:

    Eat shit a die! Find another scapegoat for your hate. How bout blaming you mother or father, if you know who they are, your worries will continue for the rest of your life, God has told me so!!!!

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