Gas chambers and a furious buddha

March 1, 2009

“If a book be false in its facts, disprove them; if false in its reasoning, refute it. But for God’s sake, let us freely hear both sides if we choose.”

-Thomas Jefferson

The drama continues.

Mr. Furious Buddha states that the Nuremberg Trial transcripts prove the existence of mass extermination by gas chamber. They do no such thing as no Holocaust historian today would ever think of claiming that gas chambers operated on German soil. Even Simon Wiesenthal said: “there were no extermination camps on German soil…”

As I stated elsewhere, many of us were taught as children that Jews were gassed to death in mass numbers in Germany. As we grew older, we then found that even though much of the narrative, proof (or lack of it) and facts of the 1960’s and 1970’s Holocaust legend had changed, we’re still expected to believe whatever is told to us about the Holocaust by the Anti-Defamation League, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (a museum about which I plan to write an entry soon), and all the other groups that have an interest in maintaining the official narrative, even though many of them have been shown to be wrong (if not outright liars) over all the years that the official narrative has been spun.

So, who am I to believe; my own common sense or a group of stories that have morphed in my lifetime into something unrecognizable from what I was originally taught?

The above question leads to another question, one which may be frightening to people like Mr. Furious Buddha:

Why do we continue to believe, without question, people that have never been very adept with the truth?


15 Responses to “Gas chambers and a furious buddha”

  1. Says:

    In the immortal words of former-President George W Bush, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, won’t get fooled again.”

  2. You dismiss the Nuremberg record with a wave of your hand but have no evidence for how you do that. You just say that it’s not real, which is entirely a different thing than proving it so. The only questions that are raised have been from anti-semites and racists; the question you keep caviling over is a hot topic on Stormfront, which is a white supremacist website. The evidence for mass murder by gas chamber by the Nazis is overwhelming; you erased every reference my previous posts made to Zyklon-B. How do you address the enormous body of documentary and testimonial evidence surrounding Zyklon-B? C’mon, grandpa. You’re supposed to be teaching me, why don’t you ever answer my questions?
    Winston Delgado, age 7.

    From Jezekiah:

    I will post anyone’s comments as long as they’re not full of invective and ad hominem. All of your comments that I delete are full of both. The comments above are some of your more reasonable ones. Thusly, I let them through.

    As I’ve stated to you previously, even Simon Wiesenthal and Harry Mazal admit that there were no mass exterminations by gas chamber in Germany, yet you claim that there were. Am I to believe you or them?

    To answer your question:

    “How do you address the enormous body of documentary and testimonial evidence surrounding Zyklon-B?”

    Testimony is worthless without the scientific and forensic evidence to back it up. The lack of evidence was the reason that the claims for gas chambers in Germany had to be dropped in the 1970’s. Ho do you address the lack of evidence for mass extermination by gas chamber in Germany, yet you still continue to believe that people were gassed to death at Dachau?

  3. Tiger Eye Says:

    Why is it that Churchill, Eisenhower, Roosevelt, Truman, DeGaulle, Patton, etc., make no reference concerning mass Jewish exterminations in their WW II diaries?

    Why did Eli Wiesel, in his book “Night”, take the advice from the Auschwitz Commander Hoss that inmates should go west with the retreating German army or wait for the Soviets to liberate the camp? Wiesel ran and got his father and went with Hoss! He says this in his last chapter of his book NIGHT! He trusted the Germans more than the Bolshevik’s?!! Who are responsible for the deaths of 20, perhaps 40 million Ukrainian, Russian and Polish human beings!

    Hoss, when capured, was tortured by British Army Intelligence Officers to acquire a false confession. Before he died of old age a British Special Intelligent Agent by the last name of Clark wrote in his memoir that “Hoss would not sign the “confession until we told Hoss we would kill his wife and children.” The “Confession” was brought before the International War Tribunal, at Nuremberg, written in English. A language Hoss was not familiar with.

    Why has so many written books on camp life and German cruelty been proven to be fiction? The Painted Bird, Ann Frank, Angel at the Fence, Night, Schindler’s List (His wife said that the Oskar Schindler’s film was “full of historical untruths about Oskar’s life”…etc.

    Why did the Soviets claim at Nuremberg that the “Nazi’s” burned the International Red Cross records to hide their crimes “against humanity” when during the collapse of the Soviet Union, years later, its archives were opened to the public and revealed that all the so-called “destroyed” International Red Cross Records were found. The very one’s the Soviets claimed never existed! These hidden records turned out to verify the German defendant’s claims!

    How about this concerning the ‘holocaust?:’

    The International Red Cross noted; As Bishop Williamson repeated:

    ComiteInternational De La Croix-Rouge
    Ganf, 3. September 1976

    Down to item 1.

    “That about 300,000 prisoners died of Typhus and starvation.” Most of it caused by the Allied bombings of roads and train tracks that stopped shipments of food and medicine from getting to the camps.

    Jewish Author: Lenni Brenner’s book The 51 Documents
    “The Transfer Agreement” (The real “Final Solution”) between Zionist Yitzhak Shamir and Adolf Eichmann. It was about transporting the youngest and brightest Jews to settle in Palestine so Zionist would have a large immigration of intelligent and healthy population to establish the Jewish State. Remember eugenics was a respectable science at the time. Even in the U.S. and Britain at that time.

    Jewish Author: Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers by Bryan Mark Rigg

    He also appeared on C-Span. Many German Jews served in high level German military staff positions during the war. The reference “Kike” was a German Jew derogatory name given to Polish Jews who they believed were uncultured. Out of the 600,000 German Jews in Germany, a 150,000 willingly joined the German Army. If you realize that a large portion of the 600,000 were women, children the old men and women the number of those who enlisted were a very large portion of the male German Jewish population.

    Jewish researcher and documentary film maker:
    David Cole’s DVD, “Auschwitz”.

    The old plaque at the entrance of Auschwitz no longer has 4 million as its count. A new plague now reads 1.1 million Jews and non-Jews! Some historians believe that it may again changed in the future to even a lesser number.

    If you go to Auschwitz check out the “Wall of Death”. It is claimed that 20,000 Jews were executed against its brick wall. Ah…There’s a problem here. When there, notice that there is not a single bullet hole in the brick wall!

    Question everything. Although I admit that no human being should have to suffer just so, whether Gentile or Jew. But who would have caused all this suffering in the first place? Look at the international bankers who financed all sides of two world wars…They weren’t Irish.

    Also, you should consider little details and observations that quite often offer up a great deal about military defensive intention: The international military awe of Germany’s tremendous warfare abilities have not faded from history, and yet seldom is mentioned a word about the very small fuel tanks on German aircraft and armored terrain vehicles. This usually indicated a military limitation of distance and therefore not meant for international long range warfare. It suggest a defensive policy for a “national” defensive strategy. In other words, Germany was apparently not planning for the kind of international war it found itself in.

    There is so much more evidence to prove that the history of WW II and the camps are primarily laden with mountain’s of propaganda.

    Bishop Williamson is just another “victim” of special interest being served. Silencing any analytical or critical thinking is a means of redirecting our attention away from the obvious. Those who control the money, write the script.

    Finally, another lie to expose. I have to say something about Pope Pius XII and his supposed indifference toward helping the Jews in Italy. It’s all lies. The head Rabbi of Rome, Israel Zolli was one of hundreds sheltered inside the walls of the Vatican. So much was Zolli’s gratitude for the kindness afforded him by the Church that after the war Zolli, the head Rabbi of Rome, converted to Catholicism after he had the time to examine the teachings and traditions of the Church. The anti Catholic play and movie, called “The Deputy” was nothing more than anti Catholic Zionist propaganda. Zolli’s book written about his conversion is titled “The Nazarene”.

    Bishop Williamson is a believer that the “truth will set you free.” Pope Benedict XVI is wrong in not supporting the God given right to use the brain He has given us. Especially when exposing the “lie” in any form it is manifested. Especially today in these darking times. We all need each other. Now is the time for clear critical analytical thinking and soul searching.

    • jezekiah Says:

      Why did Eli Wiesel, in his book “Night”, take the advice from the Auschwitz Commander Hoss that inmates should go west with the retreating German army or wait for the Soviets to liberate the camp?

      Wiesel never mentions gas chambers in “Night” either. I wonder why?

      How did Anne Frank die? Typhus.

  4. al Says:

    Why do they do this, all the suppression of what really happened?

    Perhaps to hold and continue to hold the entire world “hostage” to guilt- so that non-jews would feel sorry for them- and allow jews to do what they want? Steal land from other Peoples. Turn around and do EXACTLY what the Nazis did to them, slaughtering other Peoples, namely the PALESTINIAN GENOCIDE.

    And to distract the rest of us from seeing that the jews, in israel and their supporters, are the biggest purveyors of violence and warfare, over and above te Nazis.

    And also, to distract us from seeing that the jews, in israel, the hassidics, the very ones that are supposed tob be the most religious, are the biggest traders of slaves in the Middle East(documentation and witnesses available) – from before the “dicovery” of the Americas when they shipped in African slaves, to today, when the jews bring in women from East. Eur. and elsewhere, through the trade routes of the Middle East- and as well, hold these slaves in brothels in Israel and partake.
    (documents and witnesses available).

    Perhaps, because the Eastern European jews don’t want the rest of us, to see, that they’re JUST as capable of VINDICTIVENESS, VICIOUSNESS,and being BLOODTHIRSTY towards others as well, as to their own religious brothers, the SEPHARDICS, who are in hated and abused, right in israel.

    Perhaps, the jews, don’t want us to know that they have no real connection to Judea/Palestine/israel – but are descendants of Khazars (historical documentation available)?

    And as a distraction, esp. the distraction of Bishop Williamson (which is persecution of an old man), to get peoples attention from what’s happening right NOW – in the world – CURRENT EVENTS. You name it, it’s happening.

    And in particular, in the U.S. – to distract us from seeing that all the new Cabinet Appointees and Advisors to the new President are either dual citizens of the U.S. and israel (dual citizenship is illegal and immoral- esp. in a high position of government), or have strong ties with israel.

    And perhaps, to distract us, from seeing that the stron influence of israel, with all its hatred toward Others, is leading us into a WWIII with Iran?

    So many, many reasons for distracting the “Common” People.

  5. Gina Says:

    Wow… will your next entry be about how slavery and all the stories surrounding those atrocities be some sort of conditioning. There are many people still alive that witnessed or lived through what happened in those camps. I personally know one. The numbers are not important. What is important is that people were tortured, people were killed, and other people just stood by and allowed it to happen. Does it matter if they were jews? They were PEOPLE. We don’t allow animals to be massively tortured or slaughtered.

    From jezekiah:

    Numbers and methods matter for one reason: people in Europe are going to jail for questioning one aspect of history known as the Holocaust.

    The world is still standing by while millions are being tortured and slaughtered. Nothing’s changed except for the above-mentioned jail factor.

  6. phonk Says:

    The Zionist think lies are waterproof.

  7. […] refute it. But for Gods sake, let us freely hear both sides if we choose. -Thomas Jefferson The drama continues. Mr. Furious Buddha states that the Nuremberg Trial transcripts prove the existence of mass […]

  8. Katz Says:

    I can’t believe that the Germans allow their government to put them in jail for thought crimes.

    Just the mere fact of a government telling anyone what to believe, gives me the shivers.

    How fascist is that? I thought Hitler lost? Maybe he didn’t even die in Berlin? Who knows, it looks fishy to me.

    Don’t need laws to tell people what to think and say, bc if you do have such laws, you are no longer allowed to think. That is a dangerous situation bc homo sapiens is pretty stupid, even if he can think.
    Just imagine taking the one thing that homo sapiens does fairly well, away. That would leave the species with no genetic advantage.

    Maybe David Icke is right, they are lizards?

  9. […] Gas chambers and a furious buddha “If a book be false in its facts, disprove them; if false in its reasoning, refute it. But for God’s sake, […] […]

  10. Dawud Says:

    The misuse of the Holocaust narrative is one of the most egregious types of propaganda in existence today. However, the use tyrannical laws to prevent scholars from voicing opinions, or even exploring the subject matter is even more horrifying.

    I thought that both you and commenter Tiger Eye made interesting points. I had an interesting experience when attending high school in which a certain teacher with the surname of Robinson claimed that he had a father who liberated Auschwitz and saw the starving people. When I pointed out that unless his father changed his name sometime in his life, this could not have been true. I was punished by a three day suspension just for asking this question.

    One turns on the news and hears the sad story of Bishop Williamson, who is a God-fearing man, but disagrees with mainstream historians. Yet, they regard his disagreement with man’s written stories even graver than those who are blasphemers and defamers of religion. Has anybody ever asked themself why?

  11. escapefromobamastan Says:

    There are two hate crime bills that have been introduced in Congress, right now, right here in America. What is happening in Germany will happen here, if those bills are passed. They are introduced EVERY YEAR, amid an uproar from citizens each year, because it infringes on our first amendment rights to free speech. You’d think the will of the People would be known by now regarding these hate bills. If people don’t get off their duffs NOW and oppose these bills, well, people will be going to jail for just questioning certain aspects of the “holocaust” and will be given prison sentences for being “holocaust deniers”. These bill are “supposedly” needed to protect homosexuals, minorities, etc. from getting their feelings hurt, but ultimately are used by the tribe against Christians and to shut up those that question the “holocaust”. Ask your representatives to give you the names of the people who are writing these bills. Then research them.

    Read about the hate laws here and what we can each do to fight these unconstitutional, un-American bills:

  12. Tiger Eye Says:

    Doug, Furious Buddha, Jezehiah, Gina, Phonk, Katz and Dawud, all good posts.

    As far as the issues are concern, more people are beginning to realize who the enemy is and what they have in store for the rest of us. Their (Zionist) justification is found in their Talmud. The sad thing is that there are good Jews who will be endangered by Zionist behavior and its world view.

    I’m Catholic and never had a Muslim do anything to me but look who is blamed for all this crap. There are no people being simply scapegoated in the above posts, just the guilty party. Just honest opinions and that’s refreshing!

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