Holocaust Conditioning

February 14, 2009

For many (or some) of us that were subject to intensive Holocaust conditioning as kids in American public schools, we saw films of hundreds and thousands of piled bodies from old WWII footage a few times a year – year in, year out. We were told they were Jews that had been murdered, gassed mostly, by the Nazis. I recall seeing my first one of these films in the early 1970’s when I was about nine or ten years old.

It went on for my entire education in the Boston area and then in high school in Columbia, Md. when my family had moved. In 1978 when the NBC television miniseries “Holocaust” was required watching for my social studies class, it seemed perfectly natural that we were expected to sit through four nights of television that even Elie Wiesel called “untrue, offensive, cheap.”

As a kid, I always felt a little sledgehammered after being subjected to those movies in the darkened classroom, surrounded by my fellow students with the teacher sitting in the back to keep an eye on us to make sure we didn’t fool around or otherwise be distracted from the Important Information that was being injected into our still-forming minds. Dark rooms under veil of authority are very conducive to making certain that attention is given to what’s to be taken in.

What was being funneled into our brains was a steady diet of grainy black and white movies of Jews being herded through towns like cattle, bodies being bulldozed into pits, mass trench shootings, prisoners that looked like the walking dead, emaciated corpses piled like firewood. If you had a similar experience in school, you know of what I speak. Then there was usually some kind of after-lesson given by the teacher when we were at our most traumatized. Bad Nazis. Nice teacher.

And we all took it in, without question. Six million Jews died in gas chambers, were made into soap, burned in ovens. Four million Jews died in Auschwitz. Nazis made lampshades out of Jewish skin. Gas chambers in Germany. And thus was the core of my childhood education of the Holocaust. I never questioned what I’d been taught. I had no reason to. Leaving any idea of academia behind in 1980 when high school was over, I went along with my merry little life and to be honest, I didn’t think much about the Holocaust again.

That changed for me in the late 1990’s when I learned, via the internet and my own research afterwards, that the number of dead at Auschwitz had been revised downward from four million to one million, but the overall six million Jewish dead still stood as gospel. Or maybe five million as of now. It was six million no questions asked when I was a kid.

Anyway, over time I also learned that the soap stories had been deprecated, Jews hadn’t been made into lampshades after all and there hadn’t really been any gas chambers on German soil. Having to unlearn this new information was coupled with learning that people were being charged with and going to jail for having the wrong opinion about history when it came to the Holocaust by publicly stating that there was no evidence for mass exterminations of Jews by gas chamber.

Frankly, life was easier before the blinders came off. What had all of these people done to the Holocaust stories of my youth?


We all know what a gas chamber is. It can be defined. We know them from 1930’s gangster flicks, Perry Mason shows, etc. For better or worse, gas chambers have been a meme for decades, even before World War Two. The first person executed by gas chamber in the US was a native born Chinese named Gee Jon in 1924. The last person executed by gas chamber in the US was in 1999, a German national named Walter LaGrand. Life’s funny like that.

It’s difficult to find a hard and fast definition of the term holocaust denial, though the term is used on a daily basis in the international media. As an aside that might have meaning or not, a google search for gas chamber yields fewer results than a google search for holocaust denial. I’ll leave it to the reader to pull that one apart.

So is there evidence of mass extermination of Jews by gas chamber? There’s much eyewitness and anecdotal evidence. There’s Yankel Wiernik’s “A Year In Treblinka”, published in 1945. In it, he claims that 1200 people were put into rooms that were about 400 square feet and gassed. This displays one of the difficulties of anecdotal evidence. Fitting 1200 people in what is essentially a small garage is a little difficult to imagine.

The most approachable analysis I’ve found is David Cole’s “The Truth Behind The Gates Of Auschwitz” (Part I, Part II). Cole’s Forty-Six Important Unanswered Questions Regarding the Nazi Gas Chambers is also helpful. In it, he asks the simply legitimate question, “If you don’t know whether there were three or four holes, how do you know that there were ANY holes?” It should be noted that Cole, who is Jewish, was apparently forced by threat and blackmail by the Jewish Defense League into recanting his research and withdrawing from ever speaking of the Holocaust again.


A quiz:

  1. How many Chinese died in World War Two?
  2. How many Russians died in World War Two?
  3. How many Americans died in World War Two?
  4. How many Jews died in World War Two?

You most likely know the answer to #4 without having to look it up. Most of us would have to look up the other answers too. I guess it was more important for us to learn some things rather than others.


It took me until a couple of years ago to realize that our conditioning is so deep that when the programmed individual is asked to consider what evidence exists for gas chambers, what the programmed individual hears is, “No Jews were killed by the Nazis”. That’s exactly how the programming is supposed to work. It makes possible the use of the term ‘Holocaust denier’ to keep the unconditioned sheep out of the fold.

In High American Culture of the 21st Century, there’s few greater curses thrown than that of “Holocaust Denier”. It’s gotten people deported and jailed in foreign countries while multi-billion ripoff artists are sentenced to their mansions.

This conditioning is often protected through an emotional reaction. Many people get downright angry when gas chambers and evidence are brought up in the same sentence. We see this same reaction in people that have an overarching attachment to religious or political systems also. It’s not a rational, reasoned reaction to a rational, reasonable request. For others, the reaction is one of apathy. Apathy protects the conditioning by ensuring that the source of the conditioning won’t be examined and thus, the conditioning remains.

This Holocaust conditioning is the vicegrip of a perception that lends itself to much evil being allowed to happen. By at least examining what one thinks one does or doesn’t know about the Holocaust, that grip is broken just a little bit and perception can be allowed to change rather than dictated to.

“In forging their own brand of totalitarianism in the U.S., the Zionists continue to manipulate the victims of the Nazi holocaust as their chief weapon.”Alfred Lilienthal


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  1. mark glenn Says:

    excellent piece and excellent website. IF we had more of these around our world would nto be in the shape it’s in right now.

  2. lastshall Says:

    If the Holocaust were true, wouldn’t the lessons be that we should never concentrate absolute power in centralized authority, that ultimately nationalism is a self-destructive force, and that we should always see people as varied individuals and not as monolithically menacing hordes?

    Strange that the Holocaust Promoters draw the exact opposite conclusions.

  3. Doogie Says:

    Good essay, my experience in school was exactly the same as written here. In school I always wondered how Hitler got an entire nation to hate jews. It wasn’t till a few years ago the I stumbled on a speech given by Benjamin Freedman in the ’60s. It was then that I realized “all” was not so innocent as claimed.

  4. Cadavre Says:

    A few points:

    Jews are no more a race than Muslims are a race. Jews are members of a religious congregation. Jews are just people that go to a Jewish church.

    Zionists are not Jews. Zionists are Zionists.

    There were no Ashkenazi getting sea sick on Noah’s Ark.

    The Torah, the canon of true Jews, and the Koran, the canon of Islam, are identical. The canon of the Zionist, or reformed Jew, is the Talmud. The Talmud makes Mein Kamp look like a children’s story.

    The so called holocaust did not discriminate. Every human being still breathing inside Germany wars end was a victim of the holocaust.

    There was not one single fat pink breathing in Germany at wars end. Everyone in Germany was emaciated, starved and sickly.

    Germany was not defeated by bombs, bullets and the American Way. Germany was destroyed by pestilence, plague, lack of infrastructure, starvation and dehydration.

    At war’s end, the suburbs of German towns and cities were empty. No one lived in the suburbs because there was no infrastructure to distribute services or materials.

    At war’s end, all German citizens, including the German Jews, or Diaspora (who had refused to depart with the pretentious German Zionists aboard the Nazi ship “Tel Aviv” in order to kill and steal from Palestinians with Nazi funds (Marks) and Nazi machine parts) left the suburbs and congregated around the distribution centers. The camps were not a forced relocation. The migrations were not forced. They were an organic survival response by all Germans, not just German Jews. The distribution centers were where the food was, where the medicine was, where the water and fuel was.

    There were no fat happy pink Germans in Germany at war’s end period.

    The Holocaust Mythology Industry and the Settlement Industry are an advertising and marketing agency for the US War and Oil Exchange. They care about as much for Jews as they do Palestinians. As long as their hate speech protects the “mob hideout” popularly known as Israel, those industries will continue to change “blood” money on the steps of the temple.

    Slaves did not build the pyramids. And the ancient Jewish Egyptians and ancient Jewish goy that lived in the time of Moses were not white and did not have English accents.

    God chooses no one. In god’s eyes, were all either as*holes, or angels. God is too busy to choose any thing.

    Peace. Our governments and slave masters will regret the day they decided too belittle us by designating us as nonhuman “consumers” when we roast them on out spits and eat their livers with side plate of Lima Beans!:-)

    We own this rock – don’t any of your forget that.

  5. Tim Buck Says:

    These are basically my current thoughts on the Holyc0$t after researching it myself instead of through a public school system in the US. I must say this was a well-written piece. Thanks for posting it.

  6. joe Says:

    How long before it’s jail for those who doubt, right here in the good ole USA?

  7. Heh Says:



  8. JT Says:

    I’m a firm believer that if one wants to know the truth, then they should seek it out. That said, I definitely think people should know the truth about the Holocaust, but I don’t think suggesting it was all a hoax (as many others have done) is a way to find the truth.

    For myself, personally, I’ve done a lot of reading and research, and anyone who wants to know more should – but reading should be done from all sides. As well, a person could try to get in touch with any survivors still alive today. I personally worked with a woman who had previously been a caretaker for a survivor from one the concentration camps. I have to say that I have no doubts of the Holocaust’s existence. I also have no doubt that the records and “numbers” involved are indeed inaccurate, given that there wasn’t extreme care taken to recording everything in the camps, especially in the latter days when the war was ending. Of course, because I didn’t live it, this is just what I know from reading and from speaking with my former employer, and in working with the personal documents of the late Survivor.

    Naturally we may all be wrong about any number of things we’ve read or heard. If people want further investigation, by all means, search it. But denying the Holocaust doesn’t provide an answers. It seems that we’re quickly becoming a society that believes anything we didn’t personally experience or see must have never actually happened. Quite an interesting stance to take in one’s worldview.

  9. Johnson johnson Says:

    Actually, yeah, there’s mountains of direct evidence supporting all of the Nazi atrocities that occurred. You have to ignore it all if you want to come to your conclusions.

    If you want to argue that memories of the Holocaust are exploited to justify and excuse horrible things that are done by Israel, I agree. But what you’re saying is insane.

    • jezekiah Says:

      Johnson johnson said: “there’s mountains of direct evidence supporting all of the Nazi atrocities that occurred.”

      Then why don’t you post links to the direct evidence? Here’s a link to some chemical and physcial analysis of the claims:

      Some Technical and Chemical Considerations
      about the Gas Chambers of Auschwitz and Birkenau

      In considering this crematorium we shall concentrate on the Zyklon B input hatches and the ventilation holes of the homicidal ‘gas chamber’. Illustration 1 shows the floor plan of the building at the start of the war, designed and constructed as an ordinary crematorium with a mortuary. The mortuary is said to have been altered later to serve as ‘gas chamber’. For purposes of introducing the Zyklon B into the room to effect the gassing of the victims, 3 or 4 hatches are also said to have been cut into the roof later on, as well as 1 or 2 others to accommodate powerful ventilators. In autumn of 1944 the crematorium was altered to serve as air-raid shelter, while the Zyklon B input hatches allegedly were already sealed up in late April or early May 1942.

      Can you provide anything to counter this or do you just wish to continue to call names?

  10. Greg Bacon Says:

    All that conditioning to American school kids back in the 1970’s has paid off BIG TIME for the Zionist entity of Israel.

    Anytime a typical American hears Israel or Jews, we think “Good, Double Good,” and BTW, need some more of our money?

    Anytime we hear words like Muslim or Arab and especially Palestinian, we roar into the State mandated “Two Minutes Hate,” because we just KNOW that any Arab, especially those near by Israel, are nothing but blood thirsty throat slitters, who love death more than they love life.

    Anytime Israel goes on one of its homicidal rampages against Gazans or the Lebanese, we lustily cheer, offer up even more money and BTW, here’s a couple thousand tons of more bombs to replace the ones used helping along those birth pangs.

    Any that might have the guts to read real news and not the canned BS on FOX and CNN and start thinking for themselves will be called “anti-Semitic,” stalked, threatened, fired from their job or worse.

    That’s the price for standing up to that racist and bigoted, Jews only apartheid state of hate, Israel.

  11. Egoigwe Says:

    Well researched, well written and well spoken for.

  12. AL Says:

    Show this video to everyone you know.

    ‘One Third of the Holocaust’:


    Truth needs no laws to protect it.


  13. Lantana2 Says:

    Excellent article. The students of the 60s, like me, were victims of liars, and still are. The secular term “programming (a person or a nation)” can also be called Spell-Casting. Truth breaks the Spell, but when children are the victims, breaking it is a struggle . That Spell or programming was/is the foundation of the Israeli control of our Congress, and foreign policy, ever since. Decades of political extortion have warped our society by De-Christianizing us. Judeo-Christianity is a heresy wherein Antichrists are allowed to be preachers, and they have made the church, LAWLESS. Thus, we are in rebellion against God. For that we are punished, and we will lose this land, if we don’t ‘Break the Spell.’

  14. sleepup Says:

    many of the revisionist do not reject that jews were killed BUT they clearly reject the “6 million FACT” ,
    the number ,I ask you to read what they are saying and you will understand , How can at the end of the war claim 6 million died including Auschwitz then later on they REVISED the number from 4 million to 1 , so not that 3 million less ,so the number from 6 million should be 3 million jews died BUT no it still at 6 million mark, do not these people think and question?.
    How many times have they lied to further the gain?!
    The Nazi made their lamp out of jewish skin, Anne frank diary were lot of people BELIEVED was a fraud http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/article.asp?ID=4197
    holocaust love story a fake
    Do not these people question?!
    and Nazi making their soap out of Jews is ALSO a Fake http://isurvived.org/InTheNews/YadVashem-2NaziSoapStories.html
    Do not these people question?!

  15. Cadavre Says:


    It’s strange our clerks for the nobility in government shill America as Judeo-Christian, when, in truth, Christians have more in common with Islam than Judea. Islam embraces the story of the New Testament. All the philosophers and poets of the New Testament are revered by Islam and Christianity.

    Zionism is not a religion. Zionism is a dominion heresy. The Talmud is a doctrine of supremacy.

    But what strikes me most are the words we chanted in chorals in Christian Churches when I was young. Especially the chorals cited as the words of the philosopher Jesus.

    For example, Christian’s will chant these words:
    “I am come as a light into the world”

    And they are told that Jesus is declaring himself as “the light of the world”.

    I knew when I was young that assertion was false. Those words are a mantra. A mantra for meditation. A mantra where the individual claims his freedom. Claims himself as his own master. Those words were not a declaration by Jesus. Jesus offered those words as a mantra so that individuals would be able to draw on the strength of their humanity.

    Jesus wasn’t saying “Lookie here, I am the the light of the world”. Instead, Jesus was telling us, the individual, how to claim themselves as “the light of the world”.

    Like the the book, “Dune”, when the hero, Paul Maudib, repeats the mantra, “Fear is the mind killer”, while confronted with the illusion of his hand burning. Mantras are weapons against pain and fear.

    I am not a Christian. But Jesus was a teacher, like the Martin Luther King, like Gandhi. He was not narcissistic. He wasn’t the kind of guy gunning to be big man on campus.

    He was telling us that we’re all created equal. That we’re equal to kings. That we, if we only took the time to believe it, that we, each of us, no one else are the “light of the world”.

    All men are kings. Period.

    This week was Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. As in school, we got smothered with bogus claims of Lincoln’s glorified and righteousness sanctimony.

    Think about this: Slavery was legal in America. Slave owners paid money for slaves, as they did for all classes of property.

    What if Lincoln, instead of blockading the South, and withholding their assets in an attempt to force slave owners to relinquish their considerable investment in slaves without any expectation of compensation, had, instead, simply offered to buy the slaves from their owners?

    There would never have been a civil war. There would never have been millions of dead. The lingering racism that still plagues America would never have been. The millions upon millions in blood and life the civil war cost America would never have been.

    But the war industrialists – the blood money exchanges – the fee for blood merchants – would never have profited. The civil war made a lot of mass murderers rich. Lincoln was not human – he was in the pocket of the Genocide Industries that pushed for the war. He was an accomplice to mass murder.

    The false kings glorify murder to control us. The false kings promote the heresy of dominion. The reign of the cult of false kings is coming to an end. We are all kings.

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  18. su Says:

    Yeah, I remember quite vividly when I was a wee child in the seventies, presented in class with the tale of Treblinka; Evil Nazis gassed 700,000 jews, and then buried them and then had other jews dig up the 700 000 rotting corpses and burn them en-masse to hide the evidence, and then when the red army were coming,quickly hid all signs of a deathcamp by planting trees on the site and installing a Ukrainian farmer. Anyway,I recall how at that young and impressionable age, a flitter of disbelief crossed my mind for about a millisecond. Being a well progammed youngster, and knowing that my teacher would never be feeding me untruths I quickly repressed my doubts and continued my life as an unquestioning believer up until quite recently when I was enlightened as to the human soap, lampshade, shrunken head, atrocity propaganda. Anyway, needless to say I am wondering what other lies we have been told.

  19. Poseidon Says:

    Those who still haven’t cottoned on to the fact that the tales of “Nazi gas chambers” is – like Saddam’s “WMDs” – a myth should listen to the Tuesday February 10, 2009 Piper Report at RBN, in which Friedrich “Fritz” Berg of nasigassings.com is the guest.


    [audio src="" /]

    Also visit:


    There’s plenty there to debunk the myth.

    There were more people killed in the back of Teddy Kennedy’s car at Chappaquiddick on July 18-19, 1969, than were ever killed by Germans in gas chambers throughout WWII in Germany, Poland, or indeed any place on Earth. However, it is unlikely that any scientific or logical argument will persuade Holoco$t-inanity’s true believers, who are just as out of touch as those who think WWII never ended.

  20. Marianne Says:

    The point of the truth that you were presented was to make you a sensitive person, so you would not turn out the way you have. Unfortunately, it is obvious that the educations system failed. Rather than believing the troth by honest historians, you prefer to believe lies you find on the internet posted by terrorists and antisemites. They are all liars, and so are you now. You are a sick, sick person.

    Response from jezekiah:

    Hi Marianne-

    If the point of presenting the Holocaust is to make people ‘sensitive’, why are Israelis so freakin’ nasty to the Palestinians?

  21. Mariella Says:

    When I was in Highschool here in Holland, we were taught that the 6 million number was only hypothetical, since the Nazis destroyed most of their archives at the end of the war.

  22. Mark Thunderson Says:

    Dear Jezekiah:

    If the Holocaust is a hoax, then what is the motive for the hoax? I understand the financial benefits for maintaining the hoax (i.e., financial benefits for the Jews and the nation of Israel), but beyond this – what is the motive? For example, why specifically the use of “gas chambers”? And what would have been the function of those so-called chambers, if not used for gassing human beings?

    In other words, its true that the history of the holocaust is distorted and embellished; but why such distortion and embellishment? The argument that it was all done for financial benefits seems unconvincing to me – its a poor argument. Furthermore, such a “lie” seems unable to carry the weight of the holocaust hoax. Surely there is a deeper and more profound motivation behind such a powerful lie. Yes?

    Response from jezekiah:

    Dear Mark-

    Money was part of it, certainly. The gaining of legal and political power was also a motivator. I trust you’re aware that the concept of war crimes and war crimes trials was largely the work of one Mickey Marcus, later named Michael Stone in Israel, and one Murray Bernays?

  23. LIam Says:

    Good to see the CAMERA and MEGAPHONE mass message pro_Israeli fascists hasn’t hit this site yet. I was pretty impressed at their ability to hit so many websites after the Gaza massacre. I suggest you google “CAMERA and MEGAPHONE Israel messaging service” to find out more.

    Response from jezekiah:

    Some of the CAMERA/Megaphone crowd has already hit the site, but they’re ramping up the BS. I’ll explain more fully in another post.

  24. LIam Says:

    Also have you heard how Israel now is filing lawsuits for reparation from Poland now? The most jewish deaths in WW2 were from Poland and Hungary, and yet these greedy vipers who’ve already embezzled multi billions over the years, now want more. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

  25. What anti-Semites and other racists really hate is being confronted by the truth of what their heroes – the Nazis – actually did. They play it down, say it was all for a good cause, they’d have gotten away with it if it weren’t for the nasty Bolsheviks, yadda yadda yadda.

    The Holocaust happened. Maybe you should come over to Europe and see the evidence for yourself. Oh right… that was all manufactured right after the war. How convenient for you.

    Response from jezekiah:

    Dear Ian,

    Thank you for demonstrating what I wrote in this essay:

    It took me until a couple of years ago to realize that our conditioning is so deep that when the programmed individual is asked to consider what evidence exists for gas chambers, what the programmed individual hears is, “No Jews were killed by the Nazis”. That’s exactly how the programming is supposed to work. It makes possible the use of the term ‘Holocaust denier’ to keep the unconditioned sheep out of the fold…

    …This conditioning is often protected through an emotional reaction. Many people get downright angry when gas chambers and evidence are brought up in the same sentence. We see this same reaction in people that have an overarching attachment to religious or political systems also. It’s not a rational, reasoned reaction to a rational, reasonable request. For others, the reaction is one of apathy. Apathy protects the conditioning by ensuring that the source of the conditioning won’t be examined and thus, the conditioning remains.”

    That you must resort to ad hominem instead of reason is something you might also want to look at. Perhaps it has something to do with a near lifelong connection to academia and its output?


  26. incogman Says:

    As the Jews themselves say: “There’s no business, like Shoah Business, I know…”

    The gassing part is clearly a giant Zionist lie: The biggest hoax of the 20th century. In all of Churchill, Eisenhower and DeGaulle’s autobiographies, no discussion of gas chambers is found.

    All those b&w film of dead bodies seen in liberated camps were dead from typhus and many of them were not even jews to begin with. The bombing of the allies had as much to do with it as the so-called always evil Germans.

    I highly suggest watching these videos (link below). This guy’s math is so persuasive the Zionists did everything they could to get him banned off Youtube. So he set up a separate web site. Watch #1, #2, #11 and the last of “One third of the Holocaust” on the left side of the screen. Or all of them!


    Come to my blog, too (incogman.wordpress.com). This entire lie is directed to keep us paying blackmail and supporting the state of Israel. It’s really quite evil.

  27. caroline berg Says:

    A brilliant well researched article. Let’s hope thousands of others read it. If anyone wants to see a real genocide they should look no further than Gaza and what the Israelis are doing to innocent women and children.

  28. dubtrice Says:

    All one needs is an open mind and basic reasoning skills to see right through the lies. But sadly many people lack those simple requirements.. or just are too lazy to do their own thinking; its so much easier to let someone else think for you.

    Everyone should do their own research on this subject; learn the facts. This is the base of a mountain of lies that fed to us every day.

  29. bizza70 Says:

    I heard somewhere that, “the greatest commodity the world could ever possess is… the truth”. I can’t remember where I read that right now, but it’s true.

    Isn’t it amazing that the common ZioNazi (a Zionist) will immediately draw your attention to their “right to exist” via a UN vote passed in 1947. In 1947, the United Nations approved the partition of Palestine into two states; one Jewish and one Arab, when no-one had any “right” to make such a decision in the first frikn place!!!

    Basically… it’s like saying; “Hey George, John, Bill and Luke… you all have to leave your houses and clear it out by Monday for the new owners, or someone will make you. The UN said so! Go where ever you want, but don’t come back to your houses ever again… ok? And if you try to… we will “defend” ourselves with all these shiny new pointy toys ‘they’ gave us… ok? After all… It’s our right to defend ourselves… not you though… the UN said so! But hey look… don’t get upset with me… look at it from our view. God told us we belong here and are the rightful owners. Heck… just look at what Hitler did to us too. Don’t you think we’ve gone through enough already?”

    Awwwwwwwwwww … I guess so … NOT!

    On May 14, 1948 the state of Israel declared independence and this was followed by a war with the surrounding Arab states, which “refused to accept the plan”, NATURALLY!!! The Israelis were subsequently victorious in a series of wars confirming their independence and expanding the borders of the Jewish state BEYOND THOSE IN THE UN PARTITION PLAN. Then the mass exodus of Jews from around the world began to flow into these new lands (and still continues as we speak) in order to increase the numbers there beyond the indigiounous Arab population, so that one day, the ‘new revised truth’ will be that ‘Arab’s NEVER outnumbered the Jews’. How convenient!

    Anyway… since then, Israel has been in conflict with many of the neighboring Arab countries, resulting in several major wars, assassinations, political manipulations, countless genocides and decades of violence and blood-shed, that continue to this day (SURPRISE SURPRISE!). Since its foundation, Israel’s boundaries and the “State’s right to exist” have been subject to dispute… even today the borders are ‘vague’ with no distinction and, the rest of the lands are known as ‘occupied territories’.

    Now since the deceptive Zionist’s are so adamant in pointing you in the direction of this “right” via the UN and accepting it without question, let’s then draw their attention to some of the facts that they seem to ignore, as if they were ‘above any law’, shall we?

    Here’s some damning information that may make you all think again about how much of a joke the UN really is when Israel is concerned:
    1. The UN was founded in 1945 after World War II to replace the League of Nations.
    2. Since its foundation, the UN has passed over 700 resolutions (pre 2000) to many ‘wrong-doing’ nations.
    3. of these 700 resolutions, nearly 450 condemns Israel ALONE! That’s a whopping 64% of all the resolutions! That’s pretty atrocious for such a pissy little “state” wouldn’t you say?
    4. Of these 450 resolutions against Israel alone, 131 “binding” resolutions were passed by the UN’s Security Council against Israel, of which 45 were considered “neutral” and 88 were serious and inhumane. That’s right people… 88 acts of serious and inhumane acts. But every single one of them was vetoed by only 2 powerful nations… guess which ones?


    I’m sure some of you may have heard, there are currently cases being made (finally!!!) against Israel for committing obvious war crimes. Maybe THIS time, the US & UK won’t have anything else to defend in order to veto? No where to hide anymore, so to speak! The truth will be too blinding, as it was to me in the countless videos and images I have seen and is readily available to the public. Hell, just type in “Zionist War Crimes” on youtube and you may start to see ‘that commodity’ that our leaders and the powers that may be (*cough*media*), turn a blind eye, hide or just outright deny.

    What a hypocritical world we live in!


    shhhh… it’s coming…. 😉

  30. Cadavre Says:

    Mark Thunderston

    Jews being designated as a race is the hoax. The finely attenuated narrative claiming that the only emaciated Germans at the end of WWII were German Jews is a lie. Every war end German was a holocaust victim.

    What the holocaust and settlement industries have done is advance the “lie”, a breach of ethics, to a crime, extortion and fraud.

    Arial Sharon and US courts have determined the diary of Ann Franks is fabricated. Yet every every year, schools across the US are forced, along with making space available for military recruiters, to teach the Diary as though it is fact. A whole slough of “My Life in the Camps” fluff pulp has been pulled from Libraries and book stores.

    The narrative of the holocaust provides an “in” and and “out” for US War Industries. That’s it’s only purpose.

    Ignorant people suck up anything that tugs their gonads. They love magic, intelligent design, and the big float to the sky when they die. There ain’t nothing like like a couple of babies missing in Florida or the tribulation of the chosen to grab their attention and keep them on the couch fidgeting with the remote control – shopping the signal mall for that one network that has not yet gone to commercial break so the “Shamwow” barker guy can get his dime of time – to continue those morphine pixels flowing with innuendo tastefully garnished with flurries of rumors and rumors of rumors of those oh so delightful tragedies d’jeur.

    And them poor poor Zionists – having to deal with an unruly infestation of indigenous sand n*ggers. It’s all they can do to wrap them in iron concrete and steel. At least they’re keeping them warm with daily droppings of phosphorous and cluster bombs graciously provided by the US Genocide Exchange and paid through the forever IOU countersigned by the dumbed downed chattel commonly referred to as the citizens of the United States of America. Imagine the tribulation: Every day a settler wakes up he has to deal with fetid fumes of ripe popping Palestinian children floating around in some blood puss sewer lake at the bottom of the hill!

    The tribulation: When will it ever end!

    The Holocaust provides the “IN”: The Holocaust Industry is not about the profits for the Holocaust Industry. The Holocaust Industry is about the never ending profits it’s PR campaign puts in the tills of the Houses of the US Genocide Exchange as the “forever war” burns into the future.

    The “OUT” contingency the Holocaust Industry provides the Genocide Exchange is simple: When this boil pops, the first words spilled into the screens for our 15 minutes of Oceanic hate will be “The Jew Made Us Do It.”

    It’s happened before. It will happen again. That’s why the the Lie of Zion cultivates the herd of ignorant Talmudic Hillbillies – to assure the wealth of the genocide nobility!

    The Big Lie is this: Israel Controls US Foreign Policy.

    No so: Israel does not control the US. That
    s great brain dope for the left brained Zealots who need to blame something they can see. The Genocide Exchange Controls both Israel and the US. Israel is a loss leader market strategy for the forever war campaign.

    And that’s all Israel will be until it starves in it’s own emptiness.

  31. Laura Hedgecock Says:

    If you research with the intent to support an agenda, you’ll probably be able to find sources to support your agenda. I was raised during the same time, but do not resent the lessons. I’ve met holocaust survivors as well as Nazi sympathizers.

    If you want to ignore the atrocities, you will, but as for me, almost nothing has chilled my blood as much as hearing an 70-80 year old German woman defend the holocaust (not deny it) with “We told the Jews to get out. Those that didn’t deserved to die.”

    That humanity is capable of such deeds is the lesson. Stop quibbling over the numbers and find a way to constructively move forward.

    Response from jezekiah:

    Keep something in mind, please: I believed in mass extermination by gas chamber for my entire life. When I first went to research the topic, I was trying to find support for what I believed. As time went on, I began to see that there is no evidence to support such a claim. If you have such evidence, please provide it.

    The larger lesson from the Holocaust is that centralized, militarized states that target groups are evil. We haven’t learned the lesson.


  32. QuakerDave Says:

    If I was so inclined, I’d share this with the World War Two vet I know who liberated a death camp. Who saw the truth up close and personal.

    But I’m not inclined to do so, because this is such a pathetic attempt at revisionism that it would break his heart.

    Have you no shame? My guess is no.

    Response from jezekiah:

    As I stated, there’s much anecdotal evidence of gas chambers and much of it conflicts. There’s no physical evidence for mass extermination by gas chamber as there is evidence for death by disease, shooting, exposure, etc.


  33. gfish Says:

    You know, I’d like more hits. Maybe I should post something anti-Semitic on my blog.

    It’s interesting that you would use the revisions of one death camp and forget that there were at least a dozen others. It’s also interesting that you don’t mention the many hours of footage of countless Jews being shipped in cattle carts to concentration camps. What happened to them? The Nazis invited them to their house for cookies and tea and they just never came back because they liked it so much? And of course, enter the comments with “an analysis” of gas chambers by people long shown to be frauds or incompetents in chemical analysis.

    True, 6 million is a rough estimate. We don’t, and we’ll never know how many Jews died. But the fact is that Germany doesn’t deny this number and has released millions of documents which show that the death camps were a grim reality and the Nazis did indeed build them for the mass murder of anyone they found objectionable, especially the Jews and the Gypsies.

    The whole “question authority” thing is only good when you question things with little to no evidence. But then again, Jews have been hated in Europe for being bankers and lenders for the last 1,000 years so it’s rather satisfying for many to dismiss anything and everything that happened to them. Evidence doesn’t matter when you really hate someone. I think The Onion did it better than I can here:


    What’s happening in Palestine, which is the worst possible way for Israeli leaders to handle the situation in my humble opinion, can’t be excused by the Holocaust. But it doesn’t mean that you can reject 60 years of historical facts that something happened.

    Response from jezekiah:

    The Holocaust is a proven fact. What’s not a proven fact is mass extermination by gas chamber.

    What’s educational is that when someone says what I just said, what people hear is, “He thinks no Jews were killed by the Nazis.” That’s as absurd as those wingnuts that really do believe that no Jews were killed by the Nazis.

    addendum: The use of ‘anti-semitic’ to critique questions isn’t honest.


  34. QuakerDave Says:

    Still, you can pile on what sounds like logic and gussy it up any way you choose. But a load of rubbish is still a load of rubbish.

    Response from jezekiah:

    So please provide the irrefutable evidence for mass extermination by gas chamber and shut me up.


  35. […]  Holocaust Conditioning For many (or some) of us that were subject to intensive Holocaust conditioning as kids in American public schools, we […] […]

  36. gfish Says:

    So Jezekiah,

    You’re telling me that the tour guides at death camps are lying and those gas chambers with rooms off to the side to store clothing of the condemned were there just for show? Or cleaning? And what about those horrendous gas stains?


    Also, I never said you denied the Jews were killed in the Holocaust. I just said that many people didn’t care for Jews and thought that the Holocaust was blow out of proportion by those evil Jews. Never mentioned you by name. At all.

    And yes, when someone says anti-Semitic things or encourages anti-Semitic commentary, pointing that out is perfectly honest and legitimate.

    Response by jezekiah:

    You’re telling me that the tour guides at death camps are lying …

    As you can see in the David Cole video mentioned in the essay, the guides just say what they’re told. In the video, he asked the guide some questions that not even the director of the camp knew the answers for.


  37. warhorse Says:

    It sounds to me like most of you morons should be turned into lampshades and soap – your brains have already gone in that direction. Now I’m sure that some of you will reply with all sorts of well-researched and intelligent comments, but could you at least PRETEND to have looked at a few sites and citations that weren’t written by other nazi types? And why is it that so many of your ilk have so little education?

    Response from jezekiah:

    Does part of being ‘educated’ involve learning how to engage in ad hominem rather than discourse?

  38. warhorse Says:

    How long does this take ??

  39. kpr Says:

    Going to school during the 80’s we saw the same films, with the same conditioning. So much of high school and middle school was full of brainwashing garbage. the rabbit hole goes deep. Deeper than world war 2 and that is for sure.

  40. girlaroundthecorner Says:

    It is easy to long for those elementary school days. It was easy to believe that what you being told was the truth. I believe the Holocaust happened, but I would prefer to know the truth instead of rumors and half-truths.

  41. RGV AG Says:

    All of you purporting the denial of the Holocaust please answer these questions for me:

    1. What was the 1939 Jewish population of Poland and what is it today (or what was it in say 1950)

    2. Same question as above for Hungary, Germany, and Romania.

    If not that many European Jews were killed in the Holocaust, what happened to them Where are they now? Where did the Jewish population of Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Checkoslovakia, France, Romania, Belgium and other European countries go?

    I don’t know if the true number was 6 million or what, but whatever it was it was a hell of a lot and Germany should have been laid wast to for allowing those that ordered this done to come to power.

    Response from jezekiah:

    “All of you purporting the denial of the Holocaust…”

    You prove my point. Are you saying that the only way that Jews died under the Nazis was by mass extermination through the gas chambers?

  42. Ferd Says:

    There are 2 early holocaust tales from the talmud Gittin 57b. claims that four billion Jews were killed by the Romans in the city of Bethar. Gittin 58a claims that 16 million Jewish children were wrapped in scrolls and burned alive by the Romans.” Judaism’s Strange Gods, Michael Hoffman (Independent History, 2000). anyone with an active brain cell know this is absurd. even then the jews have been lying about history.

    Jews have been inveterate liars towards gentiles because that is what their holiest book the talmud tells them to do; to lie to the goyim when needed, the 6 million dead jews in death camps is another lie. I believe more in the red cross statistics of world war 2.

  43. […] has a very good article here on the conditioning of his youth. And here’s something we didn’t know: “The first […]

  44. code2u Says:

    Its very nice to hear that there was no world war, no gas chamber and no terrorism. Its more encouraged to destroy all documents of past and say we have clean history. Thank you

  45. Stif Says:

    The correct question should be:

    How many Soviets died in World War Two?

    Not everybody in the USSR was Russian, you know.
    And we really know almost nothing about fighting in Chine, what a shame.

  46. madmonq Says:

    You do admit the Jews were one of the groups singled out for mass extermination by the Germans during WW 2, right?

    You think a rational approach will somehow validate your racism? Or at least mitigate the reaction when you rationalize your diahria?

    Shut the fuck up.

  47. bizza70 Says:

    Oh look… I’m really sick of some of the ZioNazi sympathisers here!!! No one in their right mind would deny that ‘a large number’ of Jews were murdered in time of war and at the hands of a megalomaniac leader. So what? It’s not the first time and it certainly wasn’t the last time this happened. I know what happenned was very very bad, but why should we have the missfortunes of only one race/people/group depressingly shoved down our throats all our lives? I mean, its enough to make a man sick of hearing and seeing it… and you CAN have enough of this. But the ADL and their cronies are hell-bent on drumming the same old mantra to anyone that doesn’t know about it, as well as to those that have heard it a million times over already.


    So what if the Jews were treated inhumanely? Great… you got your due compensations and made the world ‘never forget’, controlled the foreign policies of certain nations, controlled and manipulated the financial system of the globe, controlled and manipulated the major media and print the globe, formed a league to reduce anyones freedom of speech… great work gang… great work! Now that justice has been served by form of compensation, Neuremburg trials and a massive brainwashing campaign, would any benevolent ZioNazi care to now pay up for the holacaust victims of Gaza, which THEY ALL CAUSED ON 27th DEC 08? Me thinks the crickets are getting louder and louder.

    What a bunch of fucking hypocrites they are!
    Fuck em all! Israel is dead to me now after what they’ve done to get where they are. FUCK EM!

    They could teach Hitler a few lessons too if he were alive. The irony is unbelievable! “Never forget”, my ass!

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