White phosphorus in Gaza

January 17, 2009

White phosphorus in Gaza

White phosphorus in Gaza

“And David built there an altar unto the LORD, and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings, and called upon the LORD; and he answered him from heaven by fire upon the altar of burnt offering.”

1 Chronicles 21:26


5 Responses to “White phosphorus in Gaza”

  1. imp Says:

    Is it racist to say that we should not be giving deadly weapons to psychopathic religious fanatics at the expense of the US taxpayer?

  2. jezekiah Says:

    @ imp

    It’s only “racist” to say it if the ADL and its cohorts get to say that it is.

  3. Krackonios Says:

    It’s not Racist. It’s Sane. America is a Fascist country supporting fascism. It’s not a stretch.

    Burning people who are a different skin that you seems ok if you are fascist. I’m certain Imp knows. Racism is just hating. Facsism is genocide on other races. Of that we have no doubt. Burning people alive in a city.

    We will never forgive Israel for this. Ever. They have inspired me to tell people of these horrors daily.

  4. Kevin Says:

    Technically, Facism is the merging of government and industry, it has little to do with genocide unless it suits their needs. They will kill whoever gets in their way, or whoever is a good choice as an enemy to blind the people to what they are doing. Generally differing amounts of melanin in the skin is a good reason, but not the only one. European Jews were not of different skin pigmentation, but the did have a different belief system. Nazis could have targeted Catholics as well, (indeed, they did… but the Zionists won’t have you hear of that).

  5. Tom Says:

    When I see photographs like this, of which there are hundreds, thousands, all over the world on internet and tv, I realize what an utter failure Israel’s attempt to keep their crimes from public view has been. Israel did its best to keep reporters of all kinds out of Gaza before and during the attack, but images and verbal accounts have flooded the world anyway. There it is, white phosporus unmistakably raining down on a civilian residential area, a banned weapon, a war crime. Israel fired it, an American manufacturer made it, and American taxpayers payed for it.

    We are entering a new era of warfare, one in which any war crimes will be broadcast around the world in real time. There is nowhere to hide. Israel thought it was going to hammer Hamas, and instead they have just committed national suicide in the court of public opinion. I will never again knowingly patronize a Jewish-owned business. I will never again purchase a product made in Israel.

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