The bone-grinding, oppressive stupidity of Americans that support Israel

January 12, 2009

How does Israel get away with it year after year in America? A brief glance at the below letter from the News Leader in Springfield, Missouri sheds a little light on part of the problem – the ignorance of the American sheep who keep believing any number of fairy tales.

The below letter is an example of some of these fairy tales that are woven together in a fabric that is helping to smother the children of Gaza. God save us all from stupidity.

America must protect anointed land

We must remember Israel is a land to remain forever. While people are screaming and shouting that Israel must stop the Gaza invasion, we must remember as friends of Israel we must support them in battling one of their many enemies. We as a nation will be blessed if we bless Israel, we as a nation will suffer greater or worse consequences if we fail to protect our greatest ally in the Middle East.

Though most Jewish people have not revived Jesus as Messiah, I believe the Arabs and other nations will take hold of Christ first, in part to provoke jealousy in the hearts of their brothers as they begin to multiply their great earthly wealth to expand God’s kingdom to the nations. Prayerfully to Israel as well. Israel must not be divided.

It is God’s anointed land and the eternal home when He returns to the Earth. America will be blessed or cursed according to how we treat Israel. Divine judgment or divine blessings will befall our nation in the decisions we make to support or reject her. If we take part in dividing the land of Israel, expect our land to be utterly divided too.

Joshua Udell, Webb City


3 Responses to “The bone-grinding, oppressive stupidity of Americans that support Israel”

  1. Orion14 Says:

    Thanks for the link. I left a comment on the site. You’re right, the stupidity is overwhelming! Great Blog, keep it up!

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