Priest says that Chanukah is contrary to “values and religion” in raising children

December 26, 2008

I ran across some advice fom a Canadian priest named Father Eli Gurkow that made me wonder, again, what the point of letting religious advisors into one’s life is.

The question of celebrating Chanukah and Christmas was posed to the good pastor by a woman who had both Christian and Jewish relatives. The ever-wise shepherd helpfully told her:

In answer to your question, the correct thing for you to tell your mother is: “Thank you very much for thinking of us during this family time, we will gladly participate in the Christmas celebration, but please understand that we will not be coming to the chanukah celebration. That would be contrary to the values and religion in which we are trying to conduct our lives and raise our daughter. Then send your parents and your sister nice cards and gifts that have nothing to do with chanukah and everything to do with family and love.”

I wonder if people in Canada are aware of this priest’s anti-semitic and anti-family advice? Perhaps someone should alert his superiors.

Here’s the link to Father Gurkow’s advice page: What is the proper way to handle an invitation to a “family” Chanukah party?

And here’s the link to Father Gurkow’s bio page: Father Eli Gurkow


4 Responses to “Priest says that Chanukah is contrary to “values and religion” in raising children”

  1. noyb Says:

    Stop the bullshit.

    Just because a man calls himself a Rabbi doesn’t make him one, but thats besides the point.

    Celebrating the birth of Jesus as the son of God is against the teachings of Judaism. Simple as that. For Jews to acknowledge that Jesus is in any way holy, is considered the worship of a false God and is against everything they believe in. People can politely decline invitation to parties without being disowned by their relatives.

    I don’t thing Father O’Brian would be too thrilled about coming to his cousin’s Satanic Revel party.

  2. Topkapi Says:

    Father Eli Gurkow?

    Zounds! Vot a Jewish-sounding name 🙂
    Vot kind ov “Priest” is dot!
    Oy vey!!!

  3. Scarlett Says:

    So, is noyb saying that a Jew’s view of Christmas = Catholic priest’s view of Satanism? So Jesus = Satan? Hmmm, very telling response, isn’t it?

    I’ve attended a Chanuka celebration at my neighbor’s house. I am Christian. I did not participate, obviously, in any of the religious aspects of their celebration, but I did not have a problem being there and being respectful because, as an American, I believe in freedom of religion. My appearance there was not an endorsement of their religion (not that they would care if I endorsed it or not, why should they?). It was simply an acknowledgement of our friendship and the friendship of our children. I felt honored to be asked to attend. What is so wrong with just accepting an invitation as it is intended — as an acknowledgement that you are important to the person and they wish to share an important holiday with the people about whom they care?

    Is it really so hard to explain to your children — as I did mine — that this is a celebration of another religion and that you do not celebrate it because your family has different beliefs but that is what makes America a great country: we are all free to believe as we choose? I don’t worry that my daughter will want to abandon our faith because her friends get eight days of presents instead of one. Of what exactly are some Jewish people so afraid?

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