Checkpoint USA: Obedience Training

December 16, 2008

On November 26th, I was stopped & seized for about the 50th time since the beginning of 2008. The seizure took place at an internal suspicionless Homeland Security checkpoint along Southern Arizona’s SR86 near mile post 146. SR86 is an East-West public highway located over 40 miles North of the border and never intersects the border at any point.

During the stop, Agent Gilmore admitted he knew who I was & all three agents told me I wasn’t being detained. Nonetheless, these facts didn’t stop the agents from refusing to allow me to go about my lawful business, choosing instead to escalate the encounter by requesting that I move to secondary inspection for more intensive scrutiny absent my consent or any articulable suspicion.

While continuing to deny that I was being detained and refusing to allow me to leave, the agents threatened me with arrest for impeding their operations.

After close to eight minutes of being unlawfully detained, a Border Patrol supervisor eventually arrives on-scene and wastes no time in telling me that I’m free to go with no further scrutiny.

Given the circumstances surrounding this extended non-detention, the only reasonable explanation that can be attributed to the agent’s behavior is a desire to train the traveling public to be obedient to the whims of any federal agent with a shiny badge & a gun.

For those of you who actually think the government cares about the border, how many illegal aliens do you think crossed unchallenged 40 miles to the South because three Border Patrol agents were harassing Americans 40 miles to the North at a suspicionless checkpoint?


8 Responses to “Checkpoint USA: Obedience Training”

  1. CD Henderson Says:

    Reasonable suspicion was when the agent asked if you were a citizen and you refused to answer. I would have arrested you. Angry guys like you need psychological help.

    The people behind you, who had to wait, are the ones who suffered here. Not you, not other angry guys like you. This video should have ended with you being arrested. Or pulled out of your car and slapped around by the truly innocent motorists who you held up in your immature battle to prove you’re right.

    It is people like you who keep average Americans from believing anything they’re told by the people who fight for freedom on a daily basis. They view all of us as crazy, angry rednecks, like you. Most of us are law-abiding citizens who don’t have anger management problems.

  2. jezekiah Says:

    @ CD Henderson:

    I saw no “anger management problems” coming from the citizen being denied his right to travel. If anything I see cops that think they have authority they don’t possess.

    They knew who he was yet tried to get him to obey them. That’s the point.

    Are you a citizen or a subject?

  3. Undo Says:

    As much as the concept of a random checkpoint disturbs me, it’s hard to be on your side since you were so clearly looking for a fight. All you had to do was utter a half syllable “yep” and roll on through, but instead you opted to initiate a conflict.

    And how did they know who you were, anyway? Are you a celebrity or something?

  4. jezekiah Says:

    @ Undo:

    Go to 6:13 of the video. The agent admits that he knows who the driver is yet they try to get him to obey their orders anyway.

    This is why this post is titled Obedience Training.

    looking for a fight

    When the government acts illegally, they’re the ones looking for a fight, not a citizen trying to get from point A to point B and being harassed.

  5. Undo Says:

    Oh, I see; you’d built up a reputation. Didn’t catch that the first time. Muckraking is a-okay with me, but you’d make your point better if you could do it without coming off like a prick. The average Joe would NOT get behind you from watching that video, since you’re so immediately combative. But I see what you’re getting at.

    That’s the problem with all this “Homeland Security” stuff; it’s hard to know which rights we can still depend on. The rug sort of gets pulled out from under you when the rules that apply to dealing with one type of police aren’t necessarily applicable to another. I can very easily see HS mutating into a Gestapo-like force in the future. Definitions of words are fluid, and a word as vague as “terrorist” could easily come to mean “troublemaker.” Watch out.

  6. jezekiah Says:

    Undo Says: you’re so immediately combative.

    The citizen in question (no, it’s not me) has been going through this with the same authorities for six years:

    Tohono O’odham Roadblock Incident

    Perception is a funny thing: I see a man sticking to his rights and you see someone being “combative”.

  7. Demosthenes Says:

    Reminds me of a little kid holding his hand an inch away from another kid’s face and saying, “I’m not touching you.” Just needless boundary assertion – dogs pissing on everything and sniffing each others’ asses.

  8. Xavier Says:

    Yeah i can say that i see at what your trying to point out here but without prior knowledge or maybe even a general state of mind that you have, would make anyone else just think you are a really big ahole.
    Try switiching up your presentation format, at least to keep the hating out of your sphere.
    It’s like walking on an edge of definition, careful not to cross over the line and fall into what your “combating”. hehe.

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