Last night I heard “Hail Obama” on the radio

December 11, 2008

Last night I heard “Hail Obama” on the radio.

As is my sometime habit, I was scanning AM radio channels while driving last night  and getting the usual ploppergandering from the controlled recht und link mixed with commercials trying to get Americans to either part with their gold or to buy some of it.  

I stopped on one of the “progressive” stations long enough to hear Richard Green say that he was glad to see Bush and Cheney go and then he said, “Hail, Obama”.

Hail Obama. Mr. Green said it casually, as though he was reading off the weather report. Leader worship just comes naturally to some.

Even at the height of the national insanity after 9/11 that briefly turned George W. Bush into a demigod, I can’t recall one Neocon saying, “Hail Bush”. Maybe they did it in private with each other, but at least they kept it off the airwaves. Come to think of it, I can picture William Kristol or Michael Ledeen engaging in a little leader worship in the privacy of their own think tanks. 

Beyond the comical/ceremonial “Hail To The Chief” (originally called “March and Chorus in the Dramatic Romance of the Lady of the Lake”)  rag that’s played whenever Dear Leader shows up to speak sweet words of wisdom to us unwashed proles, I can’t recall the word “Hail” being applied to an American president’s name in any public forum. 

Hail Obama.

With a tanking economy that’s surpassing the 1929-1933 benchmark, I suppose it was inevitable that we’d begin to see and hear the rumblings of Dear Leader worship here in Weimerica. As I don’t see Mr. Obama discouraging it, I can only assume that it fits with the hopeful change that’s in the works.

Though no fan of Marx’s precepts, I do read him from time to time to see what his disciples may be trying to pull. Does he have any wisdom on “Hail Obama”?

“From my antipathy to any cult of the individual, I never made public during the existence of the International the numerous addresses from various countries which recognized my merits and which annoyed me. I did not even reply to them, except sometimes to rebuke their authors. Engels and I first joined the secret society of Communists on the condition that everything making for superstitious worship of authority would be deleted from its statute. . . .”

Hail Obama. I suppose I can get used to it. 


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